The Institut de Sciences Criminelles (ISCrim’) is a courses, resource and research centre specialised in the field of crime control.


  • Pr. Laurent Desessard

Research fields:

  • theory of criminal law and criminal procedure
  • criminal procedure and economic analysis of law
  • international and European criminal law
  • traffic law
  • criminal policy
  • criminology

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ISCrim’s key features

As far as teaching is concerned, ISCrim’ collaborates with medical and psychology experts within the framework of C.R.I.M.C.U.P. (University of Poitiers’ Collective for multidisciplinary research, training and information in criminology).

As far as research is concerned, ISCrim’ leads and participates in multidisciplinary research projects.

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ISCrim’s strongly involved in several international networks.

Collectively, the team participates in exchange and research programs with international universities (University of Louvain la Neuve, Ljubljana, Hokkaido, Montreal, Buenos-Aires…). It regularly welcomes foreign colleagues. Several theses are co-supervised.

As individuals, the team members participate in international symposia and research projects.


ISCrim’s doctoral students are supported in their research through dedicated workshops. They are also associated with the various scientific events organized by ISCrim’.

Key figures

  • 11

    tenured academics

  • 2

    Master's programmes

  • 31

    volumes in the ISC series

  • 25

    ongoing theses

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